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We all have emergencies that require a little extra cash from time to time. Unfortunately, for people living on benefits, it can be difficult to access credit and get approved for loans. However, there are specialist payday lenders who work specifically with people on benefits in order to fill this gap.

Can I get a payday loan if I’m on benefits?

Yes. While some payday loans direct lenders do not consider benefits in the application process, we work with some specialist lenders who will loan you money against your benefits. Essentially, they consider your benefits as a source of income.

How do I find payday loans for people on benefits?

At Viva Loans, we make the process of finding a lender easy.

If you are on benefits, you will need to work with specialist lenders who loan specifically to people like you. Simply submit the payday loan application here, and we will compile a list of specialist lenders, pairing you with a payday loans direct lender if you are approved.

Can anyone on benefits get a payday loan?

In order to receive a payday loan on benefits, you must:

What counts as regular benefits in order to get a payday loan?

Governmental benefits such as retirement pensions can be considered as a source of income. They have to be verifiable and consistent, as you need to have a regular source of income in order to take out a payday loan.

Your benefits also need to be substantial enough to back the loan you’re applying for.

How do payday loans for people on benefits work?

Payday loans are very quick. Once you apply, we hand pick responsible lenders that we think would be a good match for your circumstances.

If you are approved, you will hear back in no time (usually 30 minutes) from a lender who is interested in lending to you. If you agree to the terms of the loan, it is processed instantly, and the money is deposited into your account within minutes, same day.

Why do some payday lenders loan to people on benefits when banks don’t?

There are many people out there who don’t have access to traditional credit, because they are unemployed or live on benefits, but nonetheless still find themselves needing credit from time to time. High demand inevitably creates a supply of lenders willing to work with these people.

The main thing lenders are looking for in an applicant is a regular flow of cash into their bank that would be able to support the loan. Regular benefits are certainly a source of income in that sense, and depending on their terms, may be able to back a loan just as well as other forms of income.

Traditional banks don’t loan to people on benefits because, statistically speaking, they are riskier than people with full-time employment. People on benefits have a higher default rate. For that reason, specialist loans for people on benefits tend to be in smaller amounts and are accompanied by a higher interest rate.

How do payday lenders verify my benefits?

You can provide the following documents as proof that you have a verifiable source of income:

Can other sources of cash be considered forms of income?


Because your regular benefits are considered a source of income that you can withdraw a loan against, your credit score is less important than with traditional lenders. It is not guaranteed, but you may still be approved even if you have bad credit.

Are payday loans for people on benefits the same as regular payday loans?

Not always.

Not all payday lenders will loan to people on benefits. There are specialist lenders who work with this segment of the population, and they may offer different terms.

Income from a full-time employer is preferable to income from benefits alone, and for that reason, payday loans for people with benefits may only be offered in lower amounts. They also tend to have higher interest rates.