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Payday Loans For Students

Get up to £2,000 in instant payday loans for students

Most students live on a tight budget and, because they’re focused on their education, don’t have a large source of income yet. This means that when unexpected expenses come up, it can be very difficult for students to find a way to pay for them, especially if parents are unable to cover these expenses.

Credit is often the only option, but many students may find themselves denied by traditional lenders for loans and credit cards. Payday loans for students are an option in these cases.

What are payday loans for students?

These are short-term loans in small amounts (ranging up to £2,000) that can help you pay for unexpected expenses or fill a gap in your budget.

How do I find payday loans for students?

Viva Loans makes it easy for you to find payday loans for students.

All you need to do is fill out and submit the payday loan application here, and if you are approved, we will compile and send a list of lenders who are willing to give you a student payday loan.

How do payday loans for students work?

Once you complete the application, we will immediately pick lenders by hand who we think would be a good match for your situation and send them your information.

You will hear back in no time (usually 30 minutes) if you are approved, and the lender you’ve been matched with will send you an offer. If you agree to the loan terms, your loan will be processed instantly, and the money will be deposited into your bank account within minutes.

Who is eligible for a student payday loan?

In order to qualify for a payday loan for students, you will need to:

Can I get a payday loan if I don’t have a bank account?


You will need to have a UK bank account that can receive electronic deposits in order to qualify for a payday loan. This is because payday loans are sent as instant electronic deposits into your bank account. Without one, you cannot receive your funds.

Can I get a payday loan if I was denied for a traditional loan?

It’s possible. Payday loans have higher approval rates than traditional loans, and rely more on your source of income than your credit history.

Do I need to have a source of income to qualify for a student payday loan?

Even though you are a student, you might need to provide some proof of regular income. However, unlike traditional lenders, payday lenders can give loans based on sources of income other than full-time employment. These can include:

Do I need to have a source of income to qualify for a student payday loan?

Not necessarily.

Students often have trouble accessing credit and loans because they haven’t built up their credit yet. Your credit score is less important with payday loans, because they are lent against your source of income. For that reason, you don’t have to have as much established credit, or as high of a credit score, as you would with a traditional lender.

However, if you have no credit at all, it may be difficult to find a lender willing to give you a payday loan.

How can I build credit as a student?

If you have absolutely no established credit, here are some options for building a credit history:

If you’ve already done one or multiple of these steps, make sure that you’ve notified mainstream credit agencies of your bank accounts and credit cards. It’s possible that your banks are not reporting your payments to the credit bureaus.

You can also check to make sure that your name is correct (no misspellings or abbreviations) on the electoral roll.

Do payday loans affect my credit?

Yes. If you pay them back responsibly and on-time, they can help you build credit. If you miss payments or default, they can severely drag down your credit score.

Can I take out a payday loan if I’m under 18?


You must be at least 18 years of age in order to take out a payday loan. If you’re under 18, consider talking with parents or other family members to take out a loan on your behalf.

What can I use my student payday loan for?

You can use your payday loan however you want as there are no stipulations regarding the use of payday loan funds.

That being said, payday loans should be used for short-term, one-off expenses rather than as long-term financial solutions. Some examples of expenses students incur that might merit a payday loan include:

For any expenses, you should be make sure that you can pay off your payday loan within the scheduled repayment period.

Can I use my payday loan to pay my rent?

You can, but it is not recommended in most circumstances.

However, payday loans are a short-term, one-time solution. They should not be used on a regular basis to pay for monthly bills such as rent, but rather in special circumstances when unexpected events or expenses alter your regular budget.

What if I have no source of regular income?

If you have no source of regular income (examples are listed above), you might not qualify for a payday loan. Without regular income, there’s no evidence to suggest that you’ll be capable of paying back your payday loan.

Are payday loans more expensive than traditional loans?

Sometimes. Payday loans have higher interest rates and often higher fees than traditional loans. However, they are paid back over a much shorter period of time, which can balance out the higher interest rate. It’s important to be sure that you can pay back your payday loan in a short period of time before applying.

Can my parents take out a payday loan for me?

Yes, your parents can take out a payday loan for you if they are approved.

In order to qualify they will need to meet the same requirements and have a regular source of income. Payday loans for single mothers and single fathers who don’t have enough family income to qualify for traditional loans such as personal loans. Because payday loans are often easier to get than traditional loans, they are also a good option for parents who have bad credit.

Are there other loan options for students?


Sometimes universities can provide students with hardship loans, but you have to prove that you have a significant financial problem. Often, smaller budgeting issues like needing money for textbooks or a utility bill will not qualify for these loans and grants.

Make sure to explore all of your loan options, including but not limited to loans from student loans and grants, loans from a traditional lender, credit cards, and borrowing money from your parents. If your situation is not grave enough to qualify for a hardship loan, you can often still qualify for a payday loan.

Small, short-term loans are a great way for students, who often don’t have much financial experience, to gain some insight into managing their funds. It’s important to recognize the seriousness of taking on additional debt, and to handle it responsibly.